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Arranging a Pick Up in Delaware

Our Delaware computer recycling services for businesses and organizations expand to include data destruction (destroying the information held on your computers’ memory). We also provide a disassembly service for computer networks and machinery held at your location if it’s needed. Please ask about our full range of disposal services when you contact us.

Please be sure to notify us in advance of any large items such as computer servers, racks and any large data storage devices (e.g. Disk Storage Hardware). We recycle all office electronics but we will need to know in advance what you need removing so that we can send the appropriate team and disposal trucks.

The cost of having your old office computers picked up is relatively inexpensive for a quote on any number of our services please contacts us today.

Delaware Computer Recycling Laws

If you are responsible for a office or IT department in Delaware you will be aware of new IT recycling laws that prohibit the dumping of used or old electronics. Everything from an old office printer to computers now need to be recycled, failure to dispose of old office equipment correctly can result in legal action being taken against your firm, business or organization and possibly even you personally as the individual in charge of recycling.

E-Waste recycling has become an important issue across the entire country after it was discovered that toxins contained in computers and office equipment could leak from landfill sites into our water supplies. Thankfully dumping PC’s and office electronics with the regular trash has been band in favour of recycling.

Our computer recycling and office equipment disposal service has risen to meet the challenge of helping Delaware become an E-Waste FREE State. We work to a policy that is ZERO LANDFILL WASTE FREE RECYCLING and DISPOSAL of ALL PC’S, COMPUTERS, MONITORS, LAPTOPS, COPIERS, PRINTERS, TELEPHONE SYSTEMS, CELL PHONES, and all other electronics found in your office.

Every bit of hardware we collect from your office in Delaware is taken apart and sorted into plastics, metals and glass. These components are then melted down and reclaimed for future use in manufacturing new products. The benefits of recycling PC’s, Monitors and Office Equipment can mainly be found in your budget, because we can reclaim some of the collection costs in the recycling value, which makes our disposal service very cost effective.
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