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insurance businesses computer and server disposal service. Trash Collection for Electronics Recycling. New Jersey, New York, Penn, Delaware. Data wiped of all hard drives totally secure service. It directors and IT managers working within the insurance industry please dispose of your old servers and obsolete hardware correctly it is illegal to dump electronic equipment it must be recycled. Arrange a collected for disposed contact Electronics Recycling USA including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware Call Today on: 732 564 3110
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      Secure disposal of all office equipment and technology within the Insurance Industry
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Secure Disposal
If you are in charge of an insurance company’s IT department you’ll know that the business servers and computers contain files, documents and data that is extremely sensitive. When it’s time to dispose of old, obsolete hardware, servers and outmoded computers the most common factor facing many IT managers and IT directors working within the insurance sector is how to ensure the information held on the old hard drives is totally destroyed.

At “Electronics Recycling USA” we have seen a massive array of desperate measures taken by IT managers and Directors. We’ve even had hard drives from old mainframe computers delivered to our disposal & recycling center with 9inch nails hammered through them. Leave your tool kit at home; our data destruction program is specially designed to totally destroy all hard drive and memory devices.

“Electronics Recycling USA” recognizes that the PC’s, Workstations, Servers and Mainframes used in the insurance industry have an extremely high requirement for secure disposal. To meet this security requirement we offer to all insurance businesses a computer disposal service that includes both demanufacturing of the computer equipment, removal and tagging of the hard drives, data destruction through DOD standard data wiping software and then total hard drive destruction through an EMP charge and smelting process. If you are in the insurance business and are concerned about how to dispose of office computers and servers please contact “Electronics Recycling USA” today.

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An I.T. Manager or I.T. director working in the insurance industry is always kept busy, managing networks of computers and telephones the I.T. department is never a dull place to be. As any I.T. manager working for an insurance company will tell you their highest priority is data protection, namely the protection of the insurers and their clients’ confidential information. That’s why many insurance companies take the disposal of old or obsolete severs mainframes and computer hardware very seriously.

It’s fair to say that any insurance business that needs to dispose of office PC’s, monitors and network equipment may be somewhat concerned about recycling their office equipment. Recycling has most IT directors thinking that their old hardware will be reused in some way but the term recycling actually refers to the safe disposal of electrical equipment such as computers and monitors via disassembly and alloys reclaiming, which results in keeping toxic elements held within the equipment out of landfill sites.

Hard Drive Data Wipe
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