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Disposing of Electronics, Office Equipment and PC Recycling Pennsylvania

Is your business based in Pennsylvania? Do you need to organise a collection of your obsolete computers and computer monitors? Are you wondering how to dispose of old computers, unwanted office printers and PC monitors? The safest way to dispose of you office’s unwanted, old or broken computer monitors PC’s and electronic office equipment is to have it recycled.

Recycled IT equipment is kept out of landfills which prevents toxins leaking into our water supplies. It is very important that you do not throwaway you old computers and their monitors they must be disposed of via recycling.

Our Pennsylvania PC Recycling service includes a collection, dismantlement for materials reclaiming such as plastic and alloy and data destruction, which means totally destroying your old hard drives and computer memory.

PC disposal and recycling for Pennsylvania extends to all office equipment with a plug on it, copiers laser printers, copiers and fax machines can all be recycled.

Pennsylvania Electronics Waste Management Program

If you need to get rid of your office IT equipment, junk and trash computers and their monitors please contact us.

Please do not treat your old office computers, servers, laptops and old office IT equipment in the same way you would your normal trash.

Electronic junk includes computers, monitors, copier equipment, printers, and other electronic devices found in the office. Electronic and computer products are outmoded by rapidly evolving technology which results in the accumulation of huge volumes of e-waste through Pennsylvania.

The average lifespan of an office computer, server and laptop is approximately 2-3 years. Computers and monitors that break are often not repaired due to the low replacement price. When office equipment such as PC’s, Servers, Laptops and computer screens break or become obsolete it is sometimes discarded into the normal office trash. However, given the large volumes of obsolete electronics and the potentially hazardous materials they contain, businesses are strongly encouraged to seek environmentally safe recycling methods for disposal.

Disposing of IT Equipment in Pennsylvania

We provide e-waste management solutions for most States in the North East (USA). We want to make Pennsylvania a recycling center of excellence for all old computers, monitors and IT electronics. Helping keep PA clean for generations to come! If you have used us in the past we thank you for doing your bit for the State and the environment at large – keep up the good work!

The State of Penn is leading the way as a center for recycling PC’s and office e-waste, if you are asking “who can recycle our office IT equipment, PC’s Servers and laptops” look no further.

Recycling laws across the USA are making it mandatory to recycle your office computer equipment and monitors. Pennsylvania is starting to recognize the importance of safe disposal much like other States in the USA.

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