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Through our New Tech Recycling facility Electronics Recycling USA is already helping leading brands and manufacturers to process products which they have sold and that have now reach their end of life. However it is not just telephones, cell phones, computers, monitors, laptops and copiers that are recycled Electronics Recycling USA also helps manufacturing businesses and production plants dispose of their manufacturing waste and faulty circuit boards, hardware and scrap.

There is no fixed fee, every recycling client has different needs however Electronics Recycling USA has become one of the leading portals for manufacturers that need to dispose of faulty goods, old end of life products and electrical scrap resulting from the manufacturing or testing process.

Electronics Recycling USA is able to provide a free quotation service, within reason and is also able to show accredited certified recycling facilities should your business require a tour of the recycling and drop-in centers.

When you use Electronics Recycling USA to dispose of your e-waste you are paying a small price for the peace-of-mind that comes with using State approved recyclers. Our motto is always “Recycle the Right Way”, our disposal waste management and recycling services puts the client and the environment first, making the right choice affordable and ethical at the same time.

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"Recycle the Right Way"

Established in 1995 with its largest facility at 110,000 square feet Electronics Recycling USA is becoming an industry leader in electronics recycling for most the North East coast of America.

The e-waste recycling programs for manufacturing waste and brand product disposal such as old computers, monitors, office printers and copiers has been created to help meet the rising demand from the government to ensure all solid e-waste is kept out of landfill sites.

In a large number of States businesses are finding themselves in jeopardy of being fined and prosecuted for not disposing of their e-waste correctly. Our mission is to create a range of websites, each focused on particular States and recycling services, these websites serve to help ensure all businesses are aware of the need for recycling and to offer support and help in the disposal process. Electronics Recycling USA.com is one of many sites designed to help businesses of all shape and size recycle their old, unwanted and broken electrical equipment.

If you are involved in the manufacturing industry either as a manufacture or reseller of electronics, Electronics Recycling USA.com wants to help you and your clients “Recycle the Right Way”. Please contact us today either by our contact form (click here) or by telephone.
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