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Electronics Recycling Center – E-Waste Management for Large Equipment
recycling large equipment
Electronics Recycling
        Disposal of large electrical equipment and hardware – approved recycling center
        Recycler for large electrical equipment and machinery including photocopiers
Recycling Doesn't Cost The Earth

The cost of the collecting and demanufacturing large electrical equipment, machinery and hardware is governed by both size, quantity and sometimes weight. From rectifiers to mainframes Electronics Recycling USA aims to help your business get rid of it quickly and within State regulations. The process from start to finish is managed by our team of recycling engineers, all of whom are experienced and equipped to help.

Recycling old mainframes, telephone exchanges, electrical machinery and apparatuses are just a few of the items Electronics Recycling USA can help you dispose of. Large office photocopiers and printing equipment is also accepted. Electronics Recycling USA does not buy e-waste, we charge to have it removed from your premises and destroyed to State laws and environmental guidelines. Although your old unwanted electronics may hold some recoupable value in materials those materials still need to be extracted which is a costly process. There is no question that recycling is a worthwhile cause but if your business is aiming to sell e-waste then you may be disappointed.

The fee to collect or recycle electronics large or small is marginal and ensures that you are hiring a professional certified team. Failure to dispose of electrical waste via an approved facility can lead to your businesses being prosecuted and fined. Let us help you dispose of your unwanted electronic equipment and machinery quickly, legally and safely through recycling.

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Collection for Disposal

Listed below are a few of the larger electrical items “Electronics Recycling USA” recycles:

Recycling CenterPhotocopier recycling

Recycling CenterPrinting equipment recycling

Recycling CenterTransformer units and boxes

Recycling CenterMainframes

Recycling CenterRectifiers & electrical conduits

Recycling CenterIT & telecommunications equipment

Recycling CenterLighting equipment
(e.g. flourescent lamps but excluding filament light bulbs)

Recycling CenterMedical devices, except implanted and infected products
(e.g. analysers, ventilators)

Recycling CenterMonitoring and control instruments

Recycling CenterTesting equipment
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