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Electronics Recycling
      Secure file & OS data destruction service for the safe disposal of all computer equipment
      Hard drive wiping & data destruction for all types of computer memory storage devices.

The ‘Electronics-Recycling-USA.com’ New Tech Recycling facility is State approved and provides a secure location to manage waste computers, mainframes, laptops, servers and computer memory storage equipment. Most clients request that their old hard drives be purged of data files and information prior to the disposal, recycling, reconditioning or donation of their computing devices. The data destruction, hard drive wiping service must be requested, it is important that you do not assume with any recycler that data destruction will occur automatically, please contact an ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ representative for help.

The cost of hard drive and data wiping is subject to device type and quantity. All computer memory data storage systems can be wiped clean of information and destroyed, however please specify what type of memory storage device you have, for example; server drives, standard computer hard drives, laptop hard drives, USB drives, portable hard drives or solid state drives as this may have an effect on the price.

hard drive formatting and wiping services

Wiping your drive clean of all its sensitive data is achieved by firstly using DOD data destruction software and then running the drive through a very powerful magnet. The magnet destroys the disk so that information and your sensitive data can never be recovered, so please make sure you backup anything you need to keep prior to having the drive wiped clean.
Data Wiping
Hard Drive erasing is an advanced security service, which allows a computer memory device to be completely removed of sensitive data. Listed below are a few of the hard drive formatting and wiping services that ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ can provide:

Wiping data clean for - Server drives,
Wiping for - Standard computer hard drives,
Data Wiping for - High speed hard drives
Wiping data clean for - Laptop hard drives,
Wiping data clean for - USB drives,
Wiping data clean for - Portable hard drives,
Wiping data clean for - Solid state drives.

Hard Drive Data Wipe
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