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Monitor E-Waste Management

All tube monitors, screens and television sets in the USA have to be disposed of by a certified recycler. Old CRT computer monitors and TV’s contain lead and are now classified as hazardous solid waste. Electronics Recycling USA accepts all type and size of monitor for disposal via recycling.

The process of monitor disposal starts with dismantlement or what we call demanufacturing, this is a time consuming process and requires skilled labour. After the monitor has been dismantled the tube (CRT) is fed through a unit separator to help remove the bulk of the lead.

The cost of CRT computer monitors and TV set disposal is determined by the number of units your business or you need recycled. Electronics Recycling USA also offers a collection service which includes stacking and securing old monitors on pallets. Junk TV sets and old computer monitors are also accepted at the main recycling facilities or at drop off points and recycling events. It is not free to recycle of old tube monitors and you may be charged even on single items. Please contact Electronics Recycling USA for a quotation.

For more information about monitor disposal please contact us today on the below telephone number or click here for an on-line quotation.
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Monitor Recycling

The ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ CRT computer monitor screen disposal service is one of the best in the Nation. The New Tech Recycling facility includes some cutting edge monitor disposal via recycling technology.

Please do not dump your old television sets or computer monitors, they have been classified as hazardous solid waste and are extremely harmful to the environment. Dumping old tv sets and computer screens is an illegal offence in an increasing number of states and the illegal dumping of e-waste can result in fines and prosecution.

For a reasonable fee ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ can offer an affordable solution to monitor recycling, which is the cleanest method of disposal.
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