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E-Waste Management Services

‘Electronics Recycling USA’ offers a free quotation service on all office electronics and computer equipment disposal.

Please do not throwaway old office electronics, computer hardware, printers, monitors, copiers, telephones and most office equipment including IT networks as these devices have been classified as hazardous solid waste. Toner and ink cartridges are also classified as hazardous waste and need to be disposed of by certified recycling centers. Failure to recycle properly can result in fines and prosecution but worse still dumping unwanted office equipment can be extremely hazardous to the environment.

If your organization needs a waste management business to collect unwanted e-waste including; computers, monitors, copiers and just about anything with a plug on it please call ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ today. ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ charges a small collection and processing fee, this includes demanufacturing and safe disposal. If you have old mainframes, servers and laptops that need their hard drives destroying please let ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ know prior to collection. Data destruction services can be included in any recycling quote, just specify how many drives you need wiping and how much office equipment you have in total.

For more information about disposing of your offices old equipment please contact us today on the below telephone number or click here for an on-line quotation.

Call for help disposing of old Electronics

Recycling Office Hardware

‘Electronics Recycling USA’ disposes of all office equipment by demanufacturing and recycling the composite materials of each item you need disposing of. The aim is to keep all solid e-waste out of landfills and to keep your business compliant with State rules on recycling and dumping electronics.

Listed below are a few of the most common items we are asked to recycle – if you have anything different from the below list please contact us directly for help or use our free on-line quotation system.

Monitors & Computer Screens
TV sets both flat screen and CRT
Printers both office & industrial
CPUs, PC’s and Apple Mac’s
Modems & Network Hardware
Keyboards & Computer Equipment
Cell Phones
Mainframe and Servers
Copiers (photocopiers)
Fax Machines
Telephone PBX
Circuit Boards
Lab Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Medical Equipment
Toner Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges
Manufacturing Electronics Waste
Pharmaceutical Equipment
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