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If you are recycling on a regular basis or you are a recycling center that is looking for a method of disposing, of; quite frequently, old electronics then ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ can help.

Electronics Recycling USA.com provides a special pricing structure for frequent clients and can arrange for an on-location recycling trailer to be left at your premises if necessary. You are also invited to organize drop-in days / events where we will have people on hand to help you unload your scrap computers monitors and other such junk electronics.

If you are organizing a recycling event and need an electronics recycler to attend and collect old electronics such as TV’s and PC’s please call us today, we do a lot of events in New Jersey, New York and surrounding States and can help you.

Electronics Recycling USA invites DEC & EPA compliant committees and governmental bodies to contact us, our recycling programs for both consumer e-waste and business e-waste are extremely competitive and our facilities are State approved with environmental licenses.

Listed below is a small example of some of the types of e-waste Electronics Recycling USA removes from many different locations around the USA:

Monitors & Computer Screens
TV sets both flat screen and CRT
Printers both office & industrial
CPUs, PC’s and Apple Mac’s
Modems & Network Hardware
Keyboards & Computer Equipment
Cell Phones
Mainframe and Servers
Copiers (photocopiers)
Fax Machines
Telephone PBX
Circuit Boards
Lab Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Medical Equipment
Toner Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges
Manufacturing Electronics Waste
Pharmaceutical Equipment
Recycling Events
If you need help organizing a recycling event please contact ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ on the following telephone number 732 564 3110.

Trailer Recovery Program
As part of our continuing effort to help with your recycling needs, Newtech has created the Trailer Recovery Program. This program enables you to have a Newtech Trailer at your location for the collection of obsolete computers and electronics. The trailers are designed to be left at your location, so that they can be filled with equipment such as: TV's, Monitors, Computers, Printers, Keyboards, and other unwanted electronics. Once the trailer is full, we will collect it and recycle all of the equipment. For ongoing programs, on pick-up, we will replace the filled trailer with an empty one to begin the process again.

To hire a trailer for your ongoing program or a recycling event please call 732 564 3110 and ask about our Trailer Recovery Program alternatively click here to send us a request or to ask us a question via e-mail.

Recycling Dumpster
Recycling Dumpster
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