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resell, redeployment or donation
Electronics Recycling
      Reconditioning old computers, laptops, printers and electrical equipment for resell or redeployment.
      The resell or redeployment service also offers an equipment donation program.
Resell Unwanted Electrical Equipment
Not all electronic and computing equipment meets the criteria for resell but some of your old equipment may still hold some financial value. Electronics Recycling USA offers a service that can clean up and resell businesses old equipment. Keep in mind the best way to recycle electronics and computer equipment is to reuse it. If you are arranging the pick of old equipment please ask an Electronics Recycling USA representative for details. We offer a full hard drive data destruction service and can recondition most equipment.

Equipment Donation to Schools and Charities
Preparing electronics such as computer systems and other office equipment for donation takes time and effort but this service can offer many tax advantages. Electronics Recycling USA can help your business to donate your unwanted equipment and even offers a delivery service to the school or charity of your choice.

Purchase Programs for Employee’s
Electronics Recycling USA can make your employee purchase program a way of recycling that is both landfill-free and stress-free. For computer disposal we offer a full data wiping service and reconditioning service and will provide you with a full inventory and sales record. If you are arranging the pick of old equipment please ask an Electronics Recycling USA representative for details about this service.

Redeployment Program
If your aim is to reallocate your older computers, hardware or electrical equipment to other departments or locations within your organization Electronics Recycling USA can help! Hardware redeployment is a cost-effective way of getting the most out of your IT infrastructure but most importantly it is a great way to recycle electronics!

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Call for help disposing of old Electronics
Electronics Recycling USA Keeping electrical equipment such as PC’s and office IT equipment in use is a great way of recycling – it’s a little more involving than having your old electronics broken down into plastics, glass and metal for recycling but it can make a considerable difference to charities, staff and the environment.

Our PC reconditioning for resell or donation includes:

•Reformat hard disk.

•General cleaning of hardware and monitor.

•Hardware checkout.

•Upgrades (if required).

•Pickup and delivery.

Other electronic equipment reconditioning requirements vary according to machinery, please contact an Electronics Recycling USA representative for help
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