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demanufacturing e-waste
Electronics Recycling
      Demanufacturing e-waste is the best way to recycle and ensures landfills are e-waste free
      When demanufacturing mainframes, laptops and computers please ask about data destruction
Electrical Equipment & Hardware Recycling
The process of dismantling all electrical machinery, equipment and hardware into its compound materials for recycling is known as ‘Demanufacturing’. ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ is versed in dismantling all type, shape and size of electrical machinery. Demanufacturing laptops, computers, mainframes, servers, telephone exchanges and much, much more are all part of the everyday working world of electronics recycling.
Electronics Recycling

Separating plastics, metals and even the glass from computer monitors and TV sets requires skilled labour, specialized equipment and plenty of space, as seen in the below picture. The cost of demanufacturing e-waste and scrap electronics is usually recuperated in a small fee for receiving or collecting and the processing of the junk electronically equipment or hardware.

Recycling Facility

If you have old computers, monitors, TV sets, mainframes or any electrical machinery or hardware that needs to be disposed of call ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ direct. Our demanufacturing program ensures no e-waste goes to the landfill, which ensures your organization will be recycling its electronics in accordance with State laws and guidelines.

E-Waste Recycling
The ‘Electronics Recycling USA’ procedure on recycling electronics:
1. Aims to recycle 99% of all component materials

2. Ensures your business is disposing of its e-waste correctly

3. Ensures your e-waste is recycled legally

4. Reduces environmental pollution from electronics dumping

5. Does not condone unsafe or illegal electronics disposal

6. Supports all size and kind of businesses wishing to recycle e-waste

No matter what type of equipment your business may need disposing of or recycling, as long as it is electrical in nature, or part, it is likely it can be recycled by using the ‘Electronics Recycling USA Demanufacturing Program’. Listed below are just a few of the most common electrical devises received or collected for recycling:

Pallets of TV Sets for Recycling
Pallets of PC Monitors for Recycling
Pallets of Old Computer Equipment
Pallets of Office Printers for Disposal
Pallets of Engineering Waste
Pallets of Electrical Hardware
Pallets of Office Copier Machines

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