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Electronics Recycling
        Preparation for the safe removal of electrical equipment and machinery for disposal.
        How to get rid of large or bulky electrical machinery or complex networks.
On site dismantlement

Electronics Recycling USA offers an magnanimous and universal disposal via reconditioning or recycling e-waste management service. The core body of this service encompasses all aspects of electronic waste management from computers and their networks to office copiers and printers. Electronics Recycling USA even goes as far to manage manufacturing e-waste such as faulty production materials. Whether it is old machinery or modern technology that you need to get rid of Electronics Recycling USA can help your business, organization or agency.

If you are interested in asking Electronics Recycling USA to remove your old computers, telephone equipment, networks, office hardware, copiers, printers and all shape and size of electrical equipment you are making the right choice. Sit back, relax and pick up the telephone, Electronics Recycling USA can help you dismantle and remove all your old IT equipment or electrical machinery, performing the task simply, efficiently and effortlessly and ensuring all State and National E-Waste laws and regulations are adhered to. We can offer this dismantlement and removal service in most locations in the USA.
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Call our main recycling center in New Jersey for help and more information, we operate from 8am to 7pm Eastern Time or if it’s out of hours or you just want an instant free quote simply CLICK HERE and send us a quick message.

Additional Services & Fee’s – Please select from the below for more information:

  • On site dismantlement for collection *Optional
  • Removal of all unwanted electronics & e-waste
  • Electronics reconditioning for resell *Optional
  • Dismantling for materials recycling *Optional
  • Hard disk drive wiping & data destruction *Optional
  • Computer equipment donation program *Optional
  • CRT computer monitor screen disposal *Optional
  • Office recycling program *Special
  • Manufacturing e-waste recycling program *Special
  • Large electronic equipment collection & disposal
  • E-waste repeat collections for recycling

Please be aware: that disposing of any (old or new) electrical equipment is subject to State regulations and laws. Electronics Recycling USA offers a service that is fully compliant with all State and Federal recycling laws and guidelines.

If you have not chosen to use our recycling service can we please ask you not to dump you old electrical equipment, computers, monitors or hardware into the regular trash. Many electrical devises contain toxins that are extremely harmful if they leak into the environment. Electronics Recycling USA strongly recommends you us an electronics recycler to manage all you junk and scrap electronics, list below are a few more websites that are part of our family of recyclers:

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