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Electronics Recycler – Nationwide Waste Management Removal & Disposal Services
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Electronics Recycling
        Removal service for the safe disposal and recycling of electronics - "State approved facility".
        Electrical Equipment Recycler – Nationwide Waste Management Removal & Disposal Services.
E-Waste Removal

Do you need to organize the removing of old, used or unwanted electrical equipment from your office, warehouse or manufacturing plant. Electronics Recycling USA helps every type of business from small office to multinational to dispose of their unwanted electronics securely and legally.

If you need junk computer equipment removed from your location we can help. If you need unwanted electrical equipment removed from your location we can help. If you want any shape or size of electrical machinery removed for disposal or reconditioning we can help. In fact Electronics Recycling USA offers such a wide range of trash removal services for electronic equipment, hardware, infrastructure and machinery that we can pretty much say; “anything with a plug on it can be recycled”!

Our e-waste removal service is fast, professional and can be organized at short notice easily. If you have e-waste you want disposed of or recycled you are in the right place – call us today or for a quick on-line automated quote CLICK HERE!
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Additional Services & Fee’s – Please select from the below for more information:

  • On site dismantlement for collection *Optional
  • Removal of all unwanted electronics & e-waste
  • Electronics reconditioning for resell *Optional
  • Dismantling for materials recycling *Optional
  • Hard disk drive wiping & data destruction *Optional
  • Computer equipment donation program *Optional
  • CRT computer monitor screen disposal *Optional
  • Office recycling program *Special
  • Manufacturing e-waste recycling program *Special
  • Large electronic equipment collection & disposal
  • E-waste repeat collections for recycling

Electronics Recycling USA is in the business of e-waste removal and disposal via recycling and uses a State Approved Facility that ensures your office or business electronics are disposed of securely and properly.

Listed below is a small example of some of the types of e-waste Electronics Recycling USA removes from many different locations around the USA:

Monitors & Computer Screens
TV sets both flat screen and CRT
Printers both office & industrial
CPUs, PC’s and Apple Mac’s
Modems & Network Hardware
Keyboards & Computer Equipment
Cell Phones
Mainframe and Servers
Copiers (photocopiers)
Fax Machines
Telephone PBX
Circuit Boards
Lab Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Medical Equipment
Toner Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges
Manufacturing Electronics Waste
Pharmaceutical Equipment
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