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Electronics Recycling USA.com is part of the New Tech recycling family of websites and has been created to help businesses and organizations in the North East of the United States dispose of their unwanted electronic waste. Our electronics recycling center was first formed in the 1990’s to help Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Insurance Businesses dispose of their obsolete computers, electronic waste and unwanted electrical equipment. Today “Electronics Recycling USA.com” helps every size and type of business / organization dispose of all their recyclable waste.

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Our main recycling center in New Jersey has become a State approved recycling and disposal facility for every type of electronic device; from laptops to servers, to cables and circuit boards, we can recycle it all. We even have specialized equipment for the safe disposal of CRT monitors and advanced disposal technologies for hard drive destruction and data wiping.

We also have a New York electronics recycling service, a Pennsylvania electronics recycling service and an electronics recycling service for the state of Delaware. Our collection and recycling services also expand into many other States within the USA for larger clients.

Recycling electronics is an important step towards protecting our environment for generations to come. Most electronic equipment contains toxic materials that can pollute our planet if not disposed of correctly; by far the safest way to dispose of waste electronics is to have them recycled. Electronics Recycling USA.com is part of the New Tech recycling program and is one of many websites designed to help with recycling all types of electrical equipment and e-waste. Listed below are other websites that belong to our electronics recycling program:

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