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Electronics Recycling
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As a result of escalating concerns about the safe disposal of e-waste new laws have been passed that make it mandatory that all scrap or junk electronics designated for disposal should now be recycled. In essence these recycling laws prohibit businesses and organizations from throwing out their e-waste with the regular office trash. This website; “Electronics Recycling USA” has been designed to help businesses and organizations in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania & Delaware dispose of their unwanted e-waste by recycling all unwanted electronic equipment and waste to State approved environmentally friendly standards. For a full list of what is considered e-waste please click here >>.

Electronics Recycling in NJ
Our Electronics Recycling Service includes:

  • On site dismantlement for collection *Optional
  • Removal of all unwanted electronics & e-waste
  • Electronics reconditioning for resell *Optional
  • Dismantling for materials recycling *Optional
  • Hard disk drive wiping & data destruction *Optional
  • Computer equipment donation program *Optional
  • CRT computer monitor screen disposal *Optional
  • Office recycling program *Special
  • Manufacturing e-waste recycling program *Special
  • Large electronic equipment collection & disposal
  • E-waste repeat collections for recycling

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