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business pc & mainframe disposal
Electronics Recycling
        Secure disposal of all office and business servers, mainframes, workstations and laptops.
        Trash management for all electronics, IT equipment and computer hardware – approved facility.
Legislation now makes it mandatory to recycle computers, monitors, and electronic equipment through approved facilities. Our approved facilities protect you and your business from unwanted liabilities.

Disposing of office computers & IT equipment.
If it’s time to get rid of your company’s old computer equipment “Electronics Recycling USA” can help. Your business is required by law to have its old, used, broken or obsolete computer hardware recycled. This is because computer electronics have been classified as ‘hazardous solid waste’ and cannot be dumped. Please do not be alarmed, this doesn’t mean your computer has suddenly become hazardous, it simply means that the materials held within it are not suitable for dumping into a landfill and therefore by law have to go to a certified electronics recycler.

Many business’s become anxious at the idea of having their obsolete computers recycled, the common fear is based around data security issues. At “Electronics Recycling USA” we aim to put your mind at ease with our data destruction service. “Electronics Recycling USA” can help ensure that all of your sensitive business data is wiped clean and the hard drive destroyed please ask about our data destruction service for computer recycling.

Disposing of business laptops & IT equipment.

Has your company got loads of old laptops that aren’t used any more or have just become obsolete or broken through age? Are you asking where to throwaway old laptops? “Electronics Recycling USA” specializes in secure laptop disposal. We offer a full laptop recycling service we can even destroy your laptops hard drive after wiping the data and files clean. Recycling your business’s laptops ensures that you are not dumping illegally. Our certified facility is state approved and offers high levels of data destruction and confidentiality.

Disposing of servers and mainframe computers.
When it’s time to throw out your old business servers and mainframe computers you will want assurance that all the data files and hard drives are properly destroyed. “Electronics Recycling USA” offers a specialized mainframe and computer server recycling program, designed for all sizes and types of business which ensures all your confidential data is totally wiped off the hard drives forever. Your old mainframe will be thoroughly dismantled and destroyed. Please contact us today for more information.

Disposing of computer networks and routing equipment.
Are you moving office or have you moved office and you’re looking to remove an old computer network? “Electronics Recycling USA” has a team of recycling engineers that are highly experienced in helping you get rid of old computer and telephone network systems. Our disposal through recycling pledge ensures that when throwing away your unwanted computer networks all the equipment is disposed of correctly and legally. Contact us today for more information.

Disposing of computer hardware and monitors
Disposing of an office’s old computer monitors is no easy task, CRT monitors are especially hard to get rid of due to the fact they are filled with lead. Computer monitors cannot be dumped they have to be recycled and this involves expensive and very specialized equipment. “Electronics Recycling USA” has specially designed monitor recycling equipment that can dispose of all shape and size of CRT monitor. Some of our equipment is so special we’ve had it imported from England (UK) where it’s been specially engineered. Contact “Electronics Recycling USA” today for more information about recycling unwanted computer monitors.

Please note: we take pre palettes of old monitors and TV sets and loose screens, if pallets are required please let us know in advance of the collect.
Electronics Recycling
Trash management for old computer systems is our number one line of business. “Electronics Recycling USA” recycles thousands of old computers, laptops and mainframes every year. We dispose of all leading brands and non branded computers, monitors and IT equipment including networks and telephone systems. Mainframe and Server Disposal

For more information about our mainframe and server disposal programme please click here

Servers recycled and disposed of:

Application server
Communications server
Database server
Fax server
File server
Game server
Home server
Print server
Proxy server
Sound server
Standalone server
Web server
Web Feed Server
The X Server
Catalog server

Electronics recycling usa.com is designed to provide your business with an easy and reliable service for disposing of unwanted electronics, we have been recycling electronics safely for over a decade and have earn many accolades. Our service is affordable and designed to remove the stress from recycling electronics. Recycling electronics is simple, quick and above all else the right thing to do. Failure to recycle electronics may result in fines and prosecution please contact us for more information and help with regard to recycling your businesses e-waste and recycling electronics.

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