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Electronics Recycling
        E-Wastes - Resource conservation challenge for recycling electronics in the USA.
        Prevent pollution and promote reuse and recycling of all unwanted electrical equipment.
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The Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) is a national effort to conserve natural resources and energy by managing materials more efficiently. The goals of the RCC are to:

• Prevent pollution and promote reuse and recycling;
• Reduce priority & toxic chemicals in products & waste;
• Conserve energy and materials.

You may be asking “what does any of this have to do with my business”, in short it relates to you disposing of all unwanted electrical devices correctly and legally. Your old electronics contain materials that are toxic if not disposed of correctly, electronics have to be recycled. Electronics recycling includes all computing equipment, machinery, printing equipment and just about anything with a plug on the end of it.

The EPA (environmental protection agency) identified a series of national electronics recycling priorities and focus areas for the RCC. In relation to Municipal Solid Waste the EPA has issued a nationwide challenge for consumers, businesses, organizations, and industries to recycle 35% of America's municipal solid waste—commonly known as trash or garbage. Waste is a part of everyone's daily life, from office paper to product packaging however it’s electronic waste that we provide specialized services for. Our website electronics recycling usa.com has been designed to help you get rid of your old electronics, legally and in an environmentally clean way. By managing materials and making smart decisions, we can all make an impact.
Electronics Recycling
Electronics recycling usa.com is designed to provide your business with an easy and reliable service for disposing of unwanted electronics, we have been recycling electronics safely for over a decade and have earn many accolades. Our service is affordable and designed to remove the stress from recycling electronics. Recycling electronics is simple, quick and above all else the right thing to do. Failure to recycle electronics may result in fines and prosecution please contact us for more information and help with regard to recycling your businesses e-waste and recycling electronics.

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