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        Recycling electrical equipment need not cost the earth with good e-waste management.
        Recycle your electronics, computers, hardware, obsolete equipment and scrap ewaste.
Recycling Services and Fees

What’s the cost?

In many States the cost for not recycling your scrap electronics can be large fines and even imprisonment. It doesn’t cost the earth to recycle so why risk it by dumping old busted or unwanted electronics.

Electronics Recycling USA manages the removal and recycling of obsolete electrical equipment from computers to industrial hardware and scrap. Electronics Recycling USA offers a nationwide service collection process that ships to processing facilities along the East Coast. Electronics Recycling USA can securely recycle outdated hardware; we can even donate your old equipment to charity if you want. Other services can include refurbish and upgrades of old equipment for redeployment within your business. For some recycling clients Electronics Recycling USA facilitates employee purchase programs. To find out more about what we can do for you please select any of the below options:

  • On site dismantlement for collection *Optional
  • Removal of all unwanted electronics & e-waste
  • Electronics reconditioning for resell *Optional
  • Dismantling for materials recycling *Optional
  • Hard disk drive wiping & data destruction *Optional
  • Computer equipment donation program *Optional
  • CRT computer monitor screen disposal *Optional
  • Office recycling program *Special
  • Manufacturing e-waste recycling program *Special
  • Large electronic equipment collection & disposal
  • E-waste repeat collections for recycling

Call for help disposing of old Electronics
There are usually two standard overheads or costs involved with recycling old electrical equipment; firstly the removal of the equipment and secondly the dismantlement or what we call materials reclaiming.

Some clients deliver their scrap or junk electronic equipment to one of our many collection points which removes the collection / removal cost. Other clients prefer to have the entire project managed, the removal of old or unwanted electrical equipment can be as simple as turning up to collect or may have more complexities such as helping to disassemble hardware, cables or networks and many differing scenarios. When you contact Electronics Recycling USA our team of refuse collection engineers will help you identify what’s needed. You can call us or simply use our on-line free quote form; it only takes a few seconds.

Once your business electronics or e-waste has been collected we set about either recycling the materials (such as plastic and alloys) or reconditioning the equipment for resale or gifting (donation) to the charity of your choice.

Recycling the metals and plastics requires that the electronics be disassembled and sorted into their original materials groups. Our recycling engineers can strip down just about any form of hardware from small cell phones to massive machinery. Electronics Recycling USA always aims to cut the cost of disassembly by selling the materials for use in manufacturing new products.

Electronics Recycling USA also offers data security services that are mainly designed for the data safe disposal of computers, laptops and servers. Files and documents held on hard drives are wiped clean and the hard drives are also destroyed to ensure that the information held on these drives can never be accessed or recovered. Data wiping services are very reasonably priced, the cost is usually dependant on the quantity of old servers or PC’s that you need destroying. Mention on the telephone or in our on-line free quote form that you need this service and please try and make an estimation as to the number of data hard drives and memory storage devises you need wiping.
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