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Although some of the business community have been upset by the recent laws banning the dumping of electronic equipment many responsible employers agree that the new e-waste recycling laws are a good thing. Recycling old computers, monitors and e-waste saves it from being dumped into landfill sites where this equipment can leak toxins into the earth and eventually our water tables. Despite having to pay a recycler to collect old junk electronics most of the recycling cost are lowered as many of the materials can be reclaimed.

Paying for the collection of old computer hardware and electronics is a small price to ensure responsible handling of these hazardous substances. Listed below are a few of the toxic elements found in office computers and electrical equipment, each toxin has a short description about the effects it has on both human and wild life if not disposed of correctly.

Lead: Many older TV and Computer monitors can contain lead, which is also found in the soldering on the circuit boards. Exposure can cause brain damage, nervous damage, blood disorders, kidney damage, and developmental damage to foetus.

Mercury: Flat panel displays, LCD screens, switches, & printed wiring boards & light bulbs all contain mercury. Exposure can contribute to brain & kidney damage, harm the developing foetus and can cause central nervous system damage.

Plastics & Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): An average computer is made of 20% of plastic materials, as are printed circuit boards, connectors, plastic covers & cables. Dioxin, which is extremely hazardous can be formed when PVC is burned.

Cadmium: SMD chip resistors, infrared detectors, semiconductors, older types of cathode ray tubes, and some plastics contain cadmium. It concentrates in the body & can cause kidney damage & harm to fragile bones.

Brominated flame retardants (BFRs): Used in plastic casings, released when electronics are dumped or incinerated. BFR’s likely endocrine disrupters reduce levels of the hormone thyroxin in exposed animals and can potentially harm the developing foetus in pregnant women.

Barium: is used in the front panel of the CRT to protect users from radiation. Short-term exposure to barium can cause brain swelling, muscle weakness, and damage to the heart, liver and spleen.

Beryllium: is found on motherboards and connectors and is a human carcinogen.

Hexavalent Chromium: Used for corrosion protection of untreated & galvanized steel plates & hardener for steel housing. It can cause DNA damage & asthmatic bronchitis.

Dioxins and Furans: Used in the plastic casings, released when electronics are incinerated or thrown in a landfill.

Disposing of old office computers & monitors
With the recent change in electronics recycling laws are you asking “where do I get rid of our old computers, monitors or trash electronics”? Electronics Recycling USA.com can collect from your offices and recycle all your old computers, monitors, office printers and much more, click here to arrange a collection or to ask for a ‘pick-up quote’.

The new recycling law
The Electronic Waste Recycling Act - bans the disposal of applicable electronic devices and component parts as solid waste effective January 1, 2009. This means that the following items will need to be collected for recycling:

Monitors & Computer Screens
TV sets both flat screen and CRT
Printers both office & industrial
CPUs, PC’s and Apple Mac’s
Modems & Network Hardware
Keyboards & Computer Equipment
Cell Phones
Mainframe and Servers
Copiers (photocopiers)
Fax Machines
Telephone PBX
Circuit Boards
Lab Equipment
Electronic Equipment
Medical Equipment
Toner Cartridges
Inkjet Cartridges
Manufacturing Electronics Waste
Pharmaceutical Equipment

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Disposing of unwanted office electrical equipment
Are you asking “where do we throwaway of our old, unwanted electrical equipment, television sets, computers, and monitors and e-waste”? The answer is simple; you can throw away your unwanted electronics at any one of the below listed collection points:

New Jersey Recycling Points
New York Recycling Points
Pennsylvania Recycling Points
Delaware Recycling Points
Connecticut Recycling Points

We can also help you with:
Massachusetts Recycling Points
Virginia Recycling Points
Washington DC Recycling Points
Georgia Recycling Points
Maryland Recycling Points

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